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Design, power supply networks and lighting,



Our team has been designing external, up to 35kV and internal power supply networks, as well as lighting networks for many years. Starting from October 2018, we have passed qualification to the list of trusted designers and constructors of Latvenergo AS, which includes only highly qualified suppliers and only after a strict check, which needs to be re-performed every year.

We offer power supply and lighting design services, including:

  • Up to 1kV cable lines;

  • Up to 1 kV overhead and overhead power lines;

  • 1-35kV cable power transmission lines;

  • 1-35kV overhead power transmission lines;

  • Electrical installation of power and lighting for residential and public buildings;

  • Electrical installation of power and lighting for industrial buildings;

  • Lightning protection devices for buildings (passive) and surge protection.

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