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Design and modelling 3D,

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Starting from the fall of 2020, we offer project development and support services in a 3D environment using AutodeskRevit software.

3D modeling allows you to design a project with greater accuracy than 2D. Project sections are easier to coordinate with each other, to register and repair clashes of different networks using BIM (Building Information Model).

BIM is a set of design and construction processes, technologies and rules that allow multiple parties to jointly design and build an object in a digital environment.

We offer:

  • Up to 1kV cable lines;

  • 3D modeling of external electronic communications networks (EST);

  • 3D modeling of internal electronic communications systems (ESS);

  • 3D modeling of power supply systems;

  • 3D modeling of lighting systems;

  • 3D modeling of executive surveys.

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